12 / 13 / 16

3 Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress on Your Hair

The Holidays are supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s common for people to over do it and get stressed out. Left unchecked, the holiday stresses can put a damper on your festivities and have a negative effect on your hair. Thankfully, there are steps you could take to reduce Holiday stress and maintain healthy hair. Here are some ideas that will help you get started.

Develop Healthy Habits

Try not to skip meals, particularly breakfast. Have a wholesome snack before a Holiday party so you don’t overindulge in sugary and carb loaded treats. At a party, avoid stacking your plate with food and control your consumption of foods that contain fat and sugar. If you’re asked to bring a dish to a party make it a healthy one. Avoid excessive alcohol consumption, and try to keep hydrated by drinking water. Also, make time for workouts and relaxing activities, and try to get at the least seven hours of sleep every night.

Take Care of Your Hair 

Wash your hair at most every other day, be sure to use a shampoo designed for your hair type. After shampooing, use a conditioner to keep your hair soft. Avoid excessive use of hairdryers and different heat styling appliances and restrict your use of hair products. Brush your hair with a boar bristle brush and work through tangles from the ends upwards using a comb. When using hair clips, hair ties, or barrettes don’t allow them to pinch or pull in your hair and be sure to remove them all before going to bed.

Be Selective with Your Time 

Remember the fact that you are only one person and there is a limit to how much you can handle. If things become overwhelming just say no to the things you can’t do. Avoid striving for perfection and go easy on yourself. Give yourself realistic goals. Be sure to prioritize when you feel you have too much to do. If that is not possible, do not be afraid to get help from others.

Managing stress during the Holidays is less difficult than you might think. By using these guidelines, you could decrease Holiday stress and maintain a healthy head of hair.

Holiday stress can be overwhelming and can in extreme cases lead to hair loss. If you’re suffering from hair loss and you’re not sure what the cause is New-U Hair Replacement can help. We will determine the cause and which hair loss restoration procedure is right for you. To schedule a free hair and scalp analysis contact New-U Hair Replacement Specialists today!