6 Tips for Healthier Hair During the Winter


Keeping your hair healthy and beautiful can be a challenge no matter the season, but it's especially tough during winter. Cold air, low humility, and lack of fresh food choices can take a toll on your hair. Use these pro tips to beat winter hair blues and keep your tresses strong no matter how cold it is outside.

Avoid Frequent Washing

There's no doubt that washing your hair to remove dirt and pollutants is important, but don't overdo it. Washing your hair daily strips, it of hydrating oils and leaves your scalp dry. Experts recommend waiting at least two to three days between washes. In fact, you can go two to three weeks between washes if you don't use many styling products. 

Cover Your Head Outside

You've probably noticed that dry, cold air is tough on your skin. Winter air saps moisture from your body, which is why you might reach for lotion more frequently when it's cold. The cold, dry air is tough on your hair, too. Wear a hat or scarf to protect your tresses from excessive stress on cold days. 

Don't Leave the House with Wet Hair

You know what would happen if you put a glass bottle filled with water in the freezer: The water expands as it freezes, eventually breaking the bottle. Something similar happens when you go outside with a wet head of hair. As they freeze, hair shafts expand and are prone to breakage. 

Opt for Regular Deep Conditioning

If you don't already have a deep conditioning routine, winter is the perfect time to adopt one. Hydrating your hair helps repair damage caused by winter weather. It also aids in protecting your hair from further damage. You can find deep conditioners at most major retailers. If you'd like to be pampered, head to the salon for a treatment instead.  

Skip the Hot Shower

Hopping in a steaming hot shower might sound great on a cold winter day, but it's not great for your hair. Like very cold conditions, very hot conditions place stress on your hair. Washing or rinsing your hair with hot water can dry it out, leading to breakage and scalp irritation. If you're getting your hair wet, use warm water or—if you can handle it—lukewarm water.

Eat Fresh Fruits and Veggies

One of the most important factors that affect winter hair health is your diet. During cold months, you might find yourself skipping on the fresh fruits and vegetables that sounded so good in the summer. Make sure to work them back into your diet for healthier locks.

Winter is hard on everyone's hair, but it can feel particularly challenging if you're also suffering from hair loss. You don't have to go through it alone. Contact New-U today to learn more about your hair loss treatment options. To schedule a free consultation, click here.

Photo Credit: langll Via Pixabay

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