Are More People Discovering Hair Loss After Covid?


The Covid pandemic threw everyone into a state of anxiety while learning to live with the “new normal.” While the world has mostly recovered from the lockdowns, many still experience side effects from the virus. If you are someone who has discovered their hair thinning or that you are suffering from hair loss since having Covid-19, you are not alone. More people than ever are coming forward, admitting they have experienced hair loss since having the virus. But did COVID cause the hair loss?

What is hair loss?

The medical condition for hair loss is called "telogen effluvium" and describes when you lose more hair than usual in a day. It's typical for you to shed around 50 to 100 hairs a day, but you could lose up to 300 per day while experiencing hair loss. This means you will lose more hair than your body can re-grow, causing it to thin and potentially create bald patches. 

According to a study conducted by Krishnarajah Nirantharakumar, MBBS, MPH, of the University of Birmingham in England, and colleagues in Nature Medicine, people with Covid show a range of long Covid symptoms after recovering from the virus's initial symptoms. One of the most prevalent long Covid symptoms includes hair loss. Excessive shedding seemed most noticeable two to three months after the illness.

A further study in the Lancet journal found that around 22% of patients in hospital due to Covid experienced hair loss following the virus.

Why do people lose hair due to Covid?

A definitive reason hasn’t been found to explain why people lose their hair after Covid. A number of theories have been put forward. One reason people might suffer from hair loss since Covid is that inflammatory markers in the body become elevated when infected. This, in turn, can cause a shift in the growth phase that the hair is going through.

Hair loss could also come from stress the mind and body experience when ill with the virus. Those hospitalized or placed on a ventilator go through a lot with the disease, which could affect the body's response to hair growth. 

Is Covid hair loss permanent?

In most cases, people’s hair loss improves on its own. You just need to give it time. If you find that it isn't getting better after six to nine months, you could look into alternative treatments to help it.

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Photo Credit: Engin_Akyurt Via Pixabay

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