10 / 24 / 16

Breast Cancer Survivors and Wigs

Accepting the news that you have breast cancer is alarming and life changing. It packs a gut punch that immediately turns your world upside down. In a matter of moments, yesterday’s stresses take a backseat. Most ladies who receive this news immediately become zeroed in on the fight. That doesn’t mean they lose their longing to look and feel beautiful.

Unfortunately, hair loss is a common side effect of chemotherapy. Not all women diagnosed with breast cancer and undergoing chemo will lose their hair, yet most will. Their hair typically begins to fall out a couple of weeks after the first treatment. Finding patches of hair on her pillow, losing fists full of hair in the shower — for women battling for their lives, these stunning physical changes can be debilitating. An even more crippling thought? Stepping out into the world without their hair, which most view as their shield.

It’s safe to say that most women consider their hair to be directly connected to their feeling feminine and their womanliness. It hardly seems fair that the very chemical that can cure their cancer also causes them to lose their hair. Luckily, women with breast cancer don’t have to fight it without a gorgeous head of hair.

Wigs enable women to keep their hairstyle – or a hairdo they’ve thought about trying but were too fearful in the past. Whether they need to look like themselves again or want to create an enhanced version of themselves, wigs can be a bright light within the darkness of living with breast cancer.

Ladies who have never worn a wig may feel wary about the thought at first. Today’s wigs are far better than the choices women had years ago. Most wigs are now made from human hair. Even synthetic wigs look real and are practically undetectable compared to natural hair.

Combating breast cancer is exhausting. Others can see the strength and beauty within a cancer fighter but most patients dismiss these qualities inside themselves. A wig can give them motivation to smile and face life head on. It can build morale and allow them to take back the feeling of being beautiful.

Are you suffering from hair loss due to chemotherapy treatment? At New U Hair Replacement Studio every medically related hair loss situation can be restored to the patient’s original hair style and look.

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