Custom Hair Systems: Benefits and Considerations

Custom hair solutions give you the freedom to acquire many hairstyles. These tailored services offer quality results whether you want to restore the appearance of natural hair or create a brand-new look. 

Custom Hair Systems at a Glance

A hair specialist builds custom hair systems based on specific styles and head dimensions. Your specialist will assess natural density, color, and texture to ensure the product matches your scalp's natural contours. 

Individuals may opt for custom hair systems because they usually offer a more convincing aesthetic than pre-made stock items. Also, custom designs often comprise high-quality human hair or synthetic materials for a comfortable wearing experience. 

Things to Consider for Custom Hair Systems

While these hair systems can provide a highly personalized look and perfect fit, they frequently come at a high cost. Charges may include professional salon fees and other price markups. 

Alternatively, affordable premade stock comes in standard base sizes ranging between 7” x 9” and 8” x 10,” and involves a much shorter waiting period (custom hair systems can take up to six weeks from order completion to delivery).

Custom Hair System Types

Custom hair systems include top-of-head and full-wig options. Top-of-head varieties feature less-intrusive designs and cater to individuals who experience hair loss at the crown of the head. A full wig stretches from the front of the head to the nape of the neck to offer complete coverage.

Both men and women may modify details such as frontal hairline material, hair length, and density.

Hair System Components

A custom hair system features two main components: the base material and the attachment method. The base material determines comfort, and the attachment method affects overall fit and ventilation.

Your hair system base material may feature a full-skin, full-lace, or monofilament design. Base materials vary in durability (lasting from three to 18 months) and thickness (from as thin as 0.03mm up to more than 0.25mm) to help you achieve the desired look. 

Your haircare specialist may recommend attachment methods according to the chosen base material and product use duration. Daily tapes can hold hair systems for up to a few days, while full-head bonding mimics the natural connection between your hair and scalp through medical-grade adhesive, lasting up to a month.

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Photo Credit: Shah_Rukh Via Pixabay

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