01 / 02 / 19

Four Easy New Year Resolutions for Hair Loss

There’s no better time than a new year to think about fresh ideas to solve a problem or change something in a positive way. Making resolutions to enable you to live with your hair loss will get your new year off to a wonderful start with clear goals. Here are four simple resolutions you can make to help you live with your hair loss positively.

Focus on Positive

When you are faced with a challenge it is vital to stay positive and to focus on the good things in life. Simple ways of doing this are to write some positive affirmations down so you can use them as a focal point when things get tough or you have a moment where your hair loss has got to you. Another helpful way to focus on positive thoughts is to sign up for a goal setting workshop where you can work out simple ways to move on.

Experiment with Styles

Living with hair loss is not about one style or color. You can live in the moment by experimenting with different ways to look good from a beautiful wig to a dramatic hat. You’ll find styles and shapes that really suit your face and enhance your beauty. Try different color hair or experiment with seasonal fashions.

Stay Healthy

Hair relies on a healthy diet to stay strong and grow so if your hair loss is temporary then think about your diet. Ensure you eat nutritious, balanced foods full of vitamins. Avoid sugary processed foods and give up the smoking. This will ensure your skin and you stay as healthy as possible and helps any regrowth.

Meet Others with Hair Loss

Sometimes support from others in a similar position helps people with hair loss cope more effectively. Sharing ideas, listening, and knowing there is someone who has been through a similar problem are issues which draw people together. Make this the year you find a local or online support group where making a new friend or two is a goal. Don’t forget that you also have experience that can help someone else with hair loss deal with their problem.

A few small steps can make a big difference. Make this the year you change something for the better. At New-U, we offer proven hair restoration solutions, both surgical and non-surgical hair replacement and hair loss treatment solutions for men and women, individually customized to your specific needs, type of hair loss, and lifestyle. To schedule a FREE consultation contact New-U Hair Replacement Specialists today!