Four of the Hottest Women's Short Hairstyles for Spring 2023

It's spring and time to think about warmer weather, a wardrobe rethink, and a hairstyle to complement new beginnings as the season changes. Short hair is practical, and there are several exciting styles to consider as you are updating your look. If you want a little inspiration on what will be on trend this spring, check out these hot styles.

Box Style Bobs

Bob cuts always look cool and classic, but this year they definitely have a boxy edge. The cut is a sharper shape with defined lines and angles. For a powerful cut where you want to make a statement but keep a sleek and professional look, the box-cut bob is worth discussing with your hairstylist.

The Pixie

Pixie cuts are great for those with a rounder face because they even up your facial structure. They are also ideal for women over 50 who are slowly going grey and still want to look young, as the cut will enable you to get a more natural look and still be on trend with a hot hairstyle. Stylists can create a geometric appearance with a pixie where thicker hair is shaped into a forward-looking curve with highlights, increasing in density.

Three Banded Bob

This three-color style is an on-trend variation of the classic bob. The hair is cut short and choppy, giving it volume. Hair is darker on top, tapering into lighter shades, and finally, a pink tinge is applied to the area closest to the cheeks. The result is a stylish look and added width to the face.

Choppy Bangs

Bangs are ideal for adding a youthful look to your hairstyle. With a choppy cut, you can add volume by using curling tongs to style some waves. The resulting look gives the appearance you have a lot more volume than you do. And, of course, adding highlights gives your hair that additional chic look. This style looks hot at any time but is ideal for dressing up your hair for a party or evening out.

Now that spring is here, it's time to think a little differently with your hair and add highlights or volume to your short haircut. Whether you choose a pixie or go for a bob, your hair will look amazing as the weather is milder and warmer. You can have the look you want, regardless of hair loss. Contact New-U today for a free consultation by clicking here.

Photo Credit: Engin_Akyurt Via Pixabay

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