04 / 09 / 19

Hair Extensions: Go-To Glamour for Special Occasions

After a shopping whirlwind, you’ve found the perfect dress and shoes. You’ve perfected your makeup technique. Or, perhaps you’ve scheduled an appointment with a makeup artist. Your manicure is booked. A killer outfit and on-point makeup and nails are important when you want to wow on your special day. But your hair is the crowning glory of your look! Thanks to hair extensions, you don’t need to have naturally long locks to rock a sweeping up-do or long, loose curly ‘do at your prom or your (or your best friend’s) wedding.

Extend Your Hairstyle Possibilities

Even if you love your pixie cut as your low-maintenance everyday style, it doesn’t offer you too many options when you want to go glam. Hair extensions let you enjoy the best of both worlds. You, too, can sport the year’s most coveted special-event styles: the braided half-up ‘do, mermaid braid, twisted updo entwined with flowers, textured bun, beachy waves, modern bouffant, etc. Long hair is also the perfect vessel for fun accessories like headbands, hair pins, and even tiaras.

Hair Extensions: Best Left to the Pros

There are multiple reasons to let a professional apply your hair extensions. For one thing, you already have a lot to do to get ready for your event. And, you know what Murphy’s Law says, “anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” You definitely do not want to make your grand entrance with a half-baked hairstyle!

And, you definitely do not want to discover that your hair extensions have damaged your natural hair. Professional stylists and hair-care providers have the tools, training, and experience to spare your natural hair from damage. They also have access to the high-quality, higher-end extensions that you’ll definitely want to use. You don’t want to skimp on your number one fashion accessory!

Hair extensions applied by a professional will definitely help you achieve a glamorous look for a special occasion. But they’re also a great option for changing up your everyday look. After your big day you may not want to say goodbye to your long hair. Work with a professional hair-care provider to maintain your look and prevent damage.

At New-U, our certified hair extension experts specialize in helping clients create the fuller, healthier look they desire. To schedule a free consultation contact New-U Hair Replacement Specialists today!