11 / 08 / 16

Hair Loss Won’t Hold Me Back During the Holidays

The Holidays have always been my favorite time of year. It’s an opportunity to be with your loved ones, an opportunity to reminisce and make new memories that will last forever. Unfortunately, making it home for the Holidays over the last several years has been disrupted due to hair loss.

Two years prior, I chose to come back to the place where I grew up — to celebrate with loved ones. I was thrilled, yet I couldn’t help agonizing over what my friends would think when they saw me and how I’ve changed over the years. I’d lost a great deal of hair since my last trip home. What’s more, being a middle aged man I already felt self-conscious, but I soon began to fear the look on their faces when they saw the “new” me.

I started thinking back to my glory days and how good I looked. I even tracked down old family photographs from past Christmases. To see myself looking so youthful — and with a full head of hair — made me feel awful. Not thinking rationally I began to stress that my friends and family would feel sorry for me too.

One day I chose to stop feeling bad about myself and began inquiring about hair replacement studios. I immediately found a studio close by. My consultation was pleasant and extremely informative. It turns out they offered a treatment that would work for me. I wanted to have fuller looking hair. I chose to give it a go. All things considered, I actually had nothing to lose.

I began my hair loss treatments in February, and by the late spring of that year, I noticed a huge difference! My hair truly was thicker, and growing in faster. My bald patch was practically undetectable, which clearly made me happy — and I began to get my confidence back.

After almost a year of hair loss treatment, I set out home for the Holidays. I hadn’t been home in five years, and I was extremely anxious.

Honestly, nobody gave my hair a second look. My friends and family couldn’t have cared less that I’d lost a little hair; they were so excited to see me. It became clear to me that for men like myself, hair loss is more of an internal struggle than how others perceive me. Feeling comfortable and confident allowed me to really enjoy my loved ones at Christmastime.

Anxiety due to hair loss during the Holidays is very common. When you haven’t seen your loved ones in awhile the fear of what they’ll think is stressful. It’s time to get your confidence back. At New-U Hair Replacement Studio we will help you determine which hair loss restoration procedure is right for you. To schedule a free hair and scalp analysis contact New-U Hair Replacement Specialists today!