Hairy and Wild: No-Shave November Commences


As we approach the month of November, many of those who are interested in cancer advocacy are excited. They are looking at their calendars, marking 'no-shave November' as a critical piece of their annual efforts to combat the disease. Not everyone is aware of this annual tradition. What does it mean within the cancer community? 

In many places, the idea is catching on. As scientists continue groundbreaking research and groups raise money for cancer advancements, this initiative makes a difference. 

What is "No-have November?"

No-shave November was originally established in 2009 and was started by the Hill family of Chicago. This was after a member, Matthew Hill, passed away from colon cancer in 2007. The idea of using this tradition for cancer awareness quickly took off.

In no-shave November, participants refrain from shaving body parts or cutting their hair. They do this to show off their wild and woolly natural growth. That's in contrast to the usual suffering of chemotherapy patients who tend to lose their hair. There is often hair loss with chemo. It's tied to charitable and fundraising activity as well. No-shave November offers additional opportunities for sponsorship and participation in charity work. It's an iconic symbol of someone's individual commitment to the cause. 

A Visual Reminder

In a way, no-shave November is one of the most visual signs that people care about people living with cancer. It could be a well-dressed gent with an enormous handlebar mustache, a toned beauty with wooly pits, or a guy with a curly beard cascading over his chest. No-shave November brings out a particular aesthetic that reminds people we are still making progress in cancer treatment. 

You see people walking around looking shaggy, and you might ask them what they're doing. This, in turn, raises cancer awareness. You can see some of the visual aspects of no-shave November represented in memes and logos for associated cancer prevention charities, too. 

No-shave November works on behalf of those suffering from various cancers, including colorectal and lung cancers. It's a way to honor the legacy of cancer survivors and the brave souls who have departed after fighting this disease.

So as the winter comes on, it's not uncommon to see a usually clean-shaven man walking around with quite a bit of growth on his chin. It's one of the many ways we focus on raising awareness around cancer and ensuring that we're doing everything we can to help cancer victims.

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Photo Credit: PrinceMedia Via Pixabay

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