Holiday Hairstyles for Everyone This Winter


Winter is the perfect time for giving your hair a little extra TLC. As well as protecting it from the elements, treat yourself to a hair makeover – just in time for party season! Between now and New Year, there are so many opportunities to show off your unique style, so pick one of our trending holiday hairstyles and make a splash this holiday season.

French Fringe

French-inspired hairstyles have been on trend right through 2022, and the holiday season is no exception.1 Bangs are always more popular in winter, as they’re easier to manage once the humidity drops. The French Fringe takes bangs to a new level. It’s a heavier fringe, cut a little longer but with a soft curve that allows it to blend away into the rest of your hair. The French Fringe is ideal for tousled looks and goes well with both long and short styles.

The Bob

This hairstyle bobs in and out of fashion all the time – pun absolutely intended. This holiday season, go for the mid-length, blunt-cut bob, cut under the chin but still above the shoulder. Keep it straight and stark, or gently curl the ends to create a sweet curve under your chin.

Slicked-Back Bun

No longer relegated to the office, the bun is hip, especially when combined with artfully slicked-back hair and even the odd accessory. Use a straightening product or styling tool to eliminate any frizz, or pair the sleek bun with wavy curls caressing your cheeks.

90s Style Layered Look

Many top fashionistas predicted that 90s looks would be big in 2022, and they are constantly being proved right.2 Side partings and sleek, straightened locks are one way to bring back the decade of “Friends” and “Buffy.” But this winter, expect to see holiday hairstyles with long, layered looks, worn loose and bouncy or tied half back to frame the face beautifully.

Sleek and Straight

As we said above, straight hair is a big deal in 2022. If you already have straight hair, use a styling brush and glossy product to show off your sleek locks. For curly girls, you can use straightening tongs and tools — just make sure you protect your hair and avoid over-styling it to keep it in the best condition over winter.

Hair loss doesn’t need to stop you from enjoying the winter festivities. If you're looking for the perfect holiday hairstyle this holiday season, New-U can help! To schedule a free consultation, click here.

Photo Credit: MauraLBU Via Pixabay



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