12 / 11 / 18

Holiday Stress: Does it Cause Hair Loss?

We want holidays to be a festive, fun time full of friends and family. But the actuality is often very different. Work commitments, overspending and long journeys home can actually be incredibly stressful. 72% of respondents to one survey stated that they felt overly stressed during the holiday period, with family and money problems at the top of the list. Stress affects our body in a multitude of ways, and our hair can really suffer when we are unhappy. If you start to notice hair loss, thinning or shedding around the holiday period, it could be a direct cause of holiday stress.

Stress Hormones

Stress makes our bodies produce cortisol. Although the body needs small amounts of this stress hormone, being constantly stressed and anxious leads to elevated cortisol levels which can be really bad for you. Elevated cortisol impacts the production of other hormones, including the hormones which regulate the hair growth cycle.

You might have spent a week fighting queues looking for the favorite toy of the season. Maybe you’re wondering how you’re going to feed your family of twenty who suddenly all decided they are coming to yours for Christmas dinner. These worries get under your skin and add to the day to day concerns leaving cortisol levels sky high. The hair growth cycle becomes upset, leading to shedding and a lack of regrowth. This leaves hair looking and feeling thinner, which of course only adds to the stress.

You might find that the hair loss occurs after the holiday period, due to the time it takes for the body to process these hormonal changes. This means holiday stress could still be affecting your hair all winter and even into spring.

The Good News

Normally, short periods of stress resolve themselves. Once you feel calmer and are back into a standard routine, hormonal levels should return to normal. Your hair will resume its normal cycle of shedding and regrowth, and you should get your lustrous locks back to just how you love them!

If you find that hair remains thin or in poor condition, or if hair loss continues, this might indicate something beyond the normal holiday stress. You should get this checked out by seeking professional help.

Remember, the holidays should be about celebration and fun. Try to take care of yourself, take time to relax and ask for help when needed. Happy holidays!

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