05 / 07 / 19

How to Manage Hair Loss During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an emotional time for any expectant mother but losing hair on top of this life changing event can be devastating. Hair loss in pregnancy can occur for several reasons including vitamin imbalances and hormone issues. Knowing how to manage the condition is really important as it will help with coping and maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

Visit a Doctor or Midwife

If you notice hair loss and are pregnant it is very important to see a doctor or midwife. Hair loss occurs for several reasons and a clinician will advise the best way to treat the underlying problem. They will also be aware of medication or products that are contraindicated in pregnancy and will advise on what is and is not safe to use to protect you and your baby. This is also important if you have post-partum hair loss as medication can be transferred via breast milk.

Understand This is Usually Temporary

One of the main reasons for hair loss in pregnancy is when follicles enter a resting phase as part of a natural growth process. This results in patchy bald areas on the head and lasts around 3 months. By understanding this is a temporary situation, psychologically this will help you with the emotional impact of hair loss.

Be Positive

There is so much to look forward to with a new baby. Focusing on positive thoughts and aspirations will help you manage the hair loss. You can also experiment with hats, wigs, or color to cover some of the bald patches. Using an online forum where pregnant mothers discuss issues like hair loss will help you connect with others experiencing the same problem.

Look After Yourself

One of the most important things to do during pregnancy is to look after yourself. Having a baby is emotionally demanding so talking time out to rest is vital. Ensure you eat healthily too with lots of fresh food, protein, and vitamins which helps cell growth. And be sure to get some sleep to conserve your energy. Staying healthy is not only vital for the pregnancy but will help restore hair growth where this is down to a vitamin imbalance or stress.

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