01 / 08 / 19

Male Celebrities Who Concealed Their Baldness

For many people hair loss is inevitable and that includes male celebrities. From a thinning hairline to partial or full baldness, male celebrities deal with it in many ways.  Hollywood is notorious for casting beautiful people including men with hair so it’s not surprising male celebrities try to conceal their baldness. Here’s a look at some male celebrities and how they have addressed their baldness.

John Travolta

John Travolta, the A+ movie celebrity, feels confident and comfortable when out in public by wearing a hair piece. He has also shaved his head completely which he says ‘I like it a lot, because it’s a bald look and it allows me freedom to be bald.’

Matt Damon

Matt Damon, well known for his Jason Bourne character, has a receding crown hairline as well as on the sides. It has become more noticeable as he ages with graying hair. Like a lot of male celebrities, Matt Damon has embraced his hair loss without any treatment besides a short buzz cut.

Jon Cryer

Jon Cryer best known for the ‘Two and a Half Men’ series, has publicly admitted that he is mostly bald and when he appears in movies or publicly, his hair is just a great illusion. He states that the process involves starting with shoe polish and sprinkling in colored powder from a salt shaker.

James Spader

James Spader, from the TV series ‘Boston Legal’ started to show thinning hair in his 40’s. He initially covered it up with toupees but has now embraced his baldness.

Brendan Fraser

Brendan Fraser, best known for The Mummy franchise started to show signs of a balding crown in his 30’s. There is speculation that his traction alopecia was caused by hair pieces he wore for his film roles. Brandon has tried to conceal his baldness by wearing hair plugs.

Matthew McConaughey

Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey started losing his hair in his 90’s. He started using a hair loss treatment and now he appears to have a full head of hair. He was even named ‘The Most Sexiest Man Alive’ twice.

Jude Law

The famous male celebrity Jude Law seems to have a receding hairline that comes and goes at great frequency. Many have speculated that Jude has used hair pieces over the years as well as various styling choices to cover up the receding hairline. Recent photos suggest he is using his own plasma for hair treatments.

So, there you have it! Concealing male baldness is quite common with even our most beloved male celebrities. If you’re experiencing hair loss and would like to do something about it New-U offers all proven men’s hair replacement and men's hair loss solutions for all types of men’s hair loss. To schedule a FREE consultation contact New-U Hair Replacement Specialists today!