11 / 15 / 16

Six Common Hair Care Myths Debunked

From the “wash and go” strategy to serious hair styling sessions, hair care management comes in numerous ways. You need to, nonetheless, decipher between reality and fiction so you don’t squander away your time on pointless hairstyling routines. Here are 6 hair care myths you should never follow. 

Regularly Trimmed Hair Grows Faster

Hair is comprised of the protein keratin and develops from small bubble like structures in the scalp called follicles. Hair is not alive, or dead, and consistently trimming your hair will not cause faster growth. The most effective way to achieve faster growing hair is to embrace healthy living. 

Working Up a Lather Is Good for Your Hair

There’s something fulfilling about working up foam in the shower, right? However science has proven that excessive lather does literally nothing to improve the cleanliness or wellbeing of your hair.

Hair Products Can Fix Split Ends

Claims that a conditioner or a hair balm can reverse or repair split ends is completely false. No hair product is a permanent cure for split ends. While a few can smooth the ends and enhance their appearance, cutting them off is the only way to get rid of them.

Plucking Grey Hairs Will Cause More Greys to Grow

There is definitely no truth in the claim that pulling out grey hairs causes the development of more grey hair; this is an old wives’ tale, which stems from the way root plants grow.

Routine Dyeing Hair Will Damage It Permanently

When you color your hair, the hair cuticles open and store color. While this procedure causes some harm at the time, items exist that reestablish hair to its ordinary state after the use of colors. Also, new hair development is totally unaffected by past hair coloring.

Every day Shampooing Is Needed for Clean Hair

In the event that you have dry hair, shampooing it everyday could further damage your hair and cause more irritation. It’s different for everybody but a general rule is to wash your hair when it becomes noticeably oily.

There are many hair care myths out there but another common misconception is that nothing can be done about hair loss. If you’re suffering from thinning hair or hair loss New-U Hair Replacement can absolutely help you. To schedule a free consultation contact New-U Hair Replacement Specialists today!