Split Ends and Hair Loss: Understanding the Connection

split ends

You've probably heard that having split ends trimmed from your hair will help it grow faster. Maybe you've even spotted them in your own hair and wondered if they could be connected to hair loss. Here's everything you need to know about the connection between split ends and hair loss.

Understanding Split Ends

"Split ends" is the common name for the condition called trichoptilosis. As their name implies, they happen when a strand of hair breaks at the end. This breakage makes the strand separate, causing it to look forked at the end. They tend to make hair appear dull, dry, and uneven. While they aren't attractive, most people will have them at some time in their lives.

Split ends are caused by various genetic, environmental, and behavioral factors. If you have curly or textured hair, you're more likely to suffer from them. Split ends can also be caused by

harsh chemical treatments

regular heat styling

living in dry or windy areas

brushing your hair roughly

poor diet or malnutrition

Are Split Ends Related to Hair Loss?

If you have split ends, there's some good news. They might not be pretty, but they don't cause hair loss. Remember that split ends are a type of breakage. They can make your hair look thinner but don't cause hair loss. A strand of hair that is split at the end will still grow from the hair follicle. Actual hair loss happens when the strand no longer grows from the follicle.  

Haircare professionals know that split ends definitely don't cause hair loss. However, that doesn't mean that the two things aren't related. Some of the same factors that cause them also contribute to hair loss. The most significant factor in both split ends and hair loss is likely genetics.

Excessive heat styling, using harsh chemical products, living in an arid environment, and brushing your hair too hard can also cause them or hair loss. If you have split ends, talk with your doctor and hair stylist about what might be causing them. Treating those problems by modifying your styling routine or products helps improve hair health and minimize breakage and loss.  

6 Split End-Busting Tips

You can keep them at bay and improve your overall hair health by following these seven simple tips.

Be gentle with wet hair. Dry your hair softly with an old cotton t-shirt, and avoid brushing or combing while wet.

Keep your hair hydrated. When your hair gets dry, you're prone to split ends. Deep conditioners and leave-in conditioners are great options.

Minimize heat styling.

Use heat-protecting products and serums when you need to heat style.

Skip chemical treatments like dyes and straighteners.

Brush gently, no more than twice a day.  

Everyone wants to have the fullest, healthiest head of hair possible. If you're dealing with hair loss, we can help. To schedule a free consultation, click here.

Photo Credit: Engin_Akyurt Via Pixabay

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