Hottest Hairstyle Trends for Prom 2023

It's prom season, and these 2023 hairstyle trends will make you look your best on the big day, regardless of hair length or texture.

Choosing a prom hairstyle

When choosing your hairstyle for prom, balance looks with practicality. Firstly, consider your outfit. For example, an updo is a good idea if you're wearing a dress or suit with an ornate collar so the neckline isn't covered. Wear your hair down if your neckline is simpler or your dress is strapless. However, these are just traditional guidelines, and in 2023, we are all about wearing your hair in the way that best expresses your unique style and personality! For some guidance, here are some of the best prom hairstyles for 2023.

Side part with accessories on short hair

Rocking a bob, small afro, or any other look that is shoulder length or shorter? This hairstyle is easy to do, elegant, and timeless. Firstly, apply a moisturizing cream or serum throughout your hair with your fingers to give it some shine. Then, use a comb to create an off-center part. Do the part on whichever side you prefer. Using a brush and a little bit of gel or water, sleek down one side of the front of your hair and secure it with some bedazzled bobby pins or barrettes. This style can easily be adapted into an updo if you pull the hair back and secure it with a hair tie or decorative clip.

Cascading braids or waves on long hair

Want to have your Disney princess moment? Try a waist-length down-do. Achieve this look with either naturally long hair or with the help of braids or extensions. If you have afro-textured hair, braid extensions or box braids are a long-lasting option that will look gorgeous not only on prom night but also for weeks after! Add beads or little clips throughout your braids, or curl the ends, for something extra special. If you have straight hair, opt for extensions that match your natural hair color and texture and add either loose curls or waves accessorized with gems or flowers.

Relaxed but pretty fishtail ponytail

Who says you can't rock a ponytail at prom? If you wear statement earrings or bold makeup, this style is a great way to keep your beautiful face the center of attention. This can be done on either long hair or short hair with the help of extensions. Pull your hair back and brush the front smooth. Use gel to achieve a super sleek look. Secure tightly with a hair tie, then do a fishtail braid down the entire ponytail length. Secure the end of the braid with a small, clear hair elastic and lock in your completed style with hairspray. Alternatively, you can do a traditional three-strand braid instead of the fishtail braid. Complete your look with gems, clips, or a tiara if desired.

If your perfect prom look involves hair extensions, come see us! We can help. To schedule a free consultation, click here.

Photo Credit: lizfranceli Via Pixabay

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