05 / 27 / 18

Summer Hair for Men

With those long summer evenings ahead and hot days outdoors men it’s time to think about your hair. Summer means easy care, low-maintenance hair for sporting activities, and keeping cool. It is the perfect excuse to refresh your appearance for the warmer months ahead. Here are some of the latest trends influencing summer hair for men.

Check Out Color

Coloring hair is on trend for 2018, and bleached blond is in vogue. This color suits most skin tones, but if you are naturally pale, it may wash you out entirely. Don’t forget to take a skin patch test before coloring hair. Your hair stylist can advise on the most flattering shade for your head. Bleached coloring with a cropped style is popular with men this summer.

Go Punky

Summer is a time to relax and enjoy being outdoors at festivals or on the beach. You may have had a cropped head, but now’s the time to let it grow. Visit your stylist to work out how to shape your hair so it looks ruffled but is in fact a great style. You can shape it with pomade and add some color to get that punk look. If your hair is thin, some putty will get it to firm up easily. Don’t forget to visit your stylist each 6–8 weeks so you maintain the shape well.

Get the Windswept Look

Summer is a great time to embrace the windswept look when your hair is fixed off your face and cropped to a mid-length. Your stylist can advise which style and length best suit your facial features. Round or wide faces, for example, are best suited to having a longer length of hair style. For those with long thin hair, a cut to the cheek level adds volume instantly. This style looks effortless and is easy to maintain. All you’ll need is a pair of shades and you’ll look great all summer long.

Visit your hair stylist to get your hair in shape this summer. You’ll be glad you took the time to get creative and found a new style to suit your hair this summer. If you’re dealing with hair loss, at New-U, we offer all proven men’s hair replacement and hair loss treatment solutions for all types of men’s hair loss. Get the summer hairstyle you want regardless of hair loss. To schedule a FREE consultation contact New-U Hair Replacement Specialists today!