05 / 29 / 19

Top Summer Hairstyles for Short Hair

As the days get longer and summer arrives, it’s time to think about a hairstyle to see you through those sunny days. You’ll need something that looks good from the beach to an evening party and your vacation. Check out these creative ideas for summer styles for short hair.

Chic Bob Cuts

Bob styles always look good and are perfect for warmer weather. Use a straight cut or add a fringe for that traditional look. As it’s summer, why not go for the choppy bob or wavy style so it looks as though you just spent the day on a windswept beach. Add a highlight or a wispy fringe to give a different dimension to that classic style.

Make the Most of Bangs

Styling your hair with a few bangs will update it for summer. These can be wispy, shaped with your face, or just left on one side. Bangs add a chic look to a hair style and are perfect for the summer months. Another great look is a tousled shape, especially for those days spent outdoors.

Pixie Styles

Classic pixie styles are easy to maintain and look good. They are ideal for travel or beach vacations and are stylish in the workplace too. With a pixie you can add volume by layering and chopping. A color highlight through the pixie cut is perfect for a summer party or vacation. You can add color to the ends, leaving the roots darker to give dimension to the style.

Braiding for Summer

Braids is a simple way to get hair off your face for summer and is easy to maintain. Take a choppy bob and braid the ends, joining them in the middle for a fun and stylish look. You can also do some tight braiding into the head for a low maintenance and cool look for summer festivals and days in the sun. Braid one side of a short lob for a different and easy maintenance style for summer. If you have longer hair and are unsure about cutting, use a rose or milkmaid braid to keep your neck clear of hair in hot weather, wrapping it around your head.

Updating your hair for summer is easy but which style will you choose?

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