Ways to Avoid Dry Hair This Winter


As winter arrives, you may need to prepare your home, but you might also want to rethink your beauty regime. During the colder months, your hair is vulnerable to dryness, which can result in frizziness and brittle strands. So, how can you protect your hair throughout the chilly season? Read our guide to keeping your hair healthy this winter.

Treat Your Hair Weekly

During winter, you'll need to step up your hair routine to protect and enhance its moisture. A weekly routine will get you in the habit of caring for your hair and scalp so that it becomes second nature. Use a moisturizing conditioner once weekly, leaving it on to nourish the hair for 30 minutes. Once you have done this, use a leave-in moisturizing solution to lock in any moisture, which will help keep your tresses sleek and glossy.

Protect Your Hair from Heat

Curling tongs and other heated devices can cause split ends. In the winter, keep the use of these appliances to a minimum to avoid damaging hair.

Protect Wet Hair from the Cold

Don't step outdoors with wet hair in winter weather. Wet hair shafts may expand when exposed to the cold, resulting in brittle strands and breakage.

Eat Healthy Food

Eating healthy food full of vitamins and minerals will help you boost your immunity and avoid illnesses. However, some foods also benefit hair health, so pack them into your regular diet to boost your hair's condition. Examples include oily fish such as mackerel, chicken, eggs, and nuts, which are full of protein.

Prepare Your Hat

Hats are vital in freezing weather. However, they can make your hair frizzy. Coarse fabrics such as wool or cotton can make hair dry. To counteract this, place a silk or satin lining in your winter hat. You'll stay snug and warm, and your hair will thank you for it.

Use a Serum or Oil

Sometimes your hair needs extra treatment, particularly if it feels fragile. Using a hair oil or serum overnight will help your hair retain moisture and give it additional conditioning — just don't forget to place an old towel over your pillow before settling in for the night.

Winter is a necessary time to take care of your hair, protecting it from conditions that can dry it out and damage follicles. If you're dealing with hair loss, New-U can help. Contact us today by clicking here.

Photo Credit: RyanMcGuire Via Pixabay

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