Different people experience hair loss in different ways. If you’re in the early stages of hair loss, or the effect has been fairly minimal overall, then you may be a good candidate for hair regrowth treatment. These are solutions that allow you to curb the effects of hair loss, preserving both your appearance and your sense of self-confidence, without the need for a wig, a hair system, or surgical intervention. We are pleased to provide a full spectrum of hair regrowth options here at New-U Hair Restoration Specialists in Rochester, NY.

The first step in the process is joining us in our studio for a relaxed, one-on-one conversation. We’d love to talk with you about your hair loss experience, to answer any questions you may have, and to discuss some potential solutions. It would be our pleasure to tell you whether or not you qualify for hair regrowth treatments.

One such treatment is laser hair growth therapy. This approach is safe, effective, clinically-proven, and fully approved by the FDA. Essentially, we use low levels of laser light emission to stimulate new blood flow to dormant follicles. Over time, the effect can be healthier hair growth in treated areas. We can provide a number of convenient laser hair therapy options, including both in-studio and at-home laser technologies.

In addition to laser hair growth therapy, we’re also pleased to offer our clients access to topical thickening and hair regrowth products. These safe and natural products promote a healthier environment for hair growth and include everything from shampoos and lotions to vitamin supplements.

The temptation is to assume that hair loss is permanent, and that nothing could be done about it. This couldn’t be further from the truth. If you act quickly and strategically, it’s often possible to curb the effects of hair loss before the condition gets too out-of-hand. We’d love to tell you more about some of the hair regrowth options we provide here at New-U Hair Restoration Specialists.

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