For decades now, laser technology has proven a safe and effective means of stimulating new hair growth. We’re proud to offer laser hair therapy here at New-U Hair Restoration Specialists in Rochester, NY.

How does it work, exactly? Low levels of laser light are applied to the affected areas of the scalp, triggering new blood flow to dormant follicles. The effect is essentially to “wake up” the follicles that have fallen asleep, potentially restoring some natural hair growth. This is a painless and easy way to address thinning hair, and the New-U team strives to make it as convenient as possible. In fact, we provide our clients with access to both a powerful in-studio laser as well as some easy-to-use take-home lasers. You can self-administer laser treatments whenever it fits into your schedule!

A common question we receive is, how long does it take to see results? We generally recommend that our clients have three treatments per week to start with, and those treatments may be needed for up to a year. While the effects won’t be immediate, most of our clients do find that their hair loss is significantly slowed. Also note that laser hair therapy can be combined with topical or nutritional solutions for maximum effect.