For men who want a natural-looking, long-lasting solution to their hair loss, but aren’t ready for a surgical intervention, a male hair system may be just the right approach. Here at New-U Hair Restoration Specialists in Rochester, NY, we offer an incomparable variety of men’s hair systems and are pleased to help each client find a hair system that meets his needs.

How do these hair systems work? There are a number of different varieties, and they don’t all work in exactly the same way. Generally speaking, a male hair system begins with a base. This base is made from a super-thin, membrane-like material, and customized to fit the client’s scalp.

Following the creation of the membrane, individual hairs are inserted into the base one at a time. We can offer our clients either real, unprocessed human hair or synthetic hair, simply depending on their preference. The hairs are injected into the base in a way that provides a completely seamless and natural-looking hairline; nobody but you will be able to tell you’re wearing a male hair system at all.

It’s critical to note that we don’t merely give you a hair system and send you on your way. Our team will spend as much time as needed cutting, coloring, and styling your hair, getting it to look just right. The options for customization are truly endless: One of the pleasures of hair systems for men is that they can be made to look however you want.

We also offer integrative grafts, which work with the hair currently growing on your scalp. These men’s hair systems are made to look seamless and natural, allowing you to subtly blend new hair with your existing hair.