No man ever wants to experience significant hair loss. It’s a reality that many men are forced to address, but thankfully, a number of options exist to help men look and feel like themselves again. At New-U Hair Restoration Specialists, we’re proud to offer a full spectrum of hair loss solutions, ensuring we have something to meet every lifestyle, every preference, and every budget. Our options include men’s toppers, available in our salon from some of the world’s top brands.

Men’s hair toppers provide real flexibility, which is one reason why so many of our clients are drawn to this approach. There’s nothing surgically invasive or permanent about toppers for men. Instead, you can get a topper that you take off at the end of each day, or one that you put on only for going out to dinner or some other special occasion. How you want to use your topper is entirely up to you.

Something else to note about toppers is that they are completely self-maintaining. You don’t have to come into our salon for tweaks or adjustments, and there’s really not much you have to do to keep your topper looking its best.

Hair toppers for men have come a long way in recent years, and today’s options provide you with a chance to regain your look and your self-confidence. These toppers for men fit snugly and securely, meaning you won’t have to worry about them “wobbling” as you wear them outside your home. And, they look lifelike and natural. Our stylists can even help you find a topper that perfectly matches the naturally growing hair on your head, ensuring a result that’s seamless.

Where’s the best place to start with toppers for men? We’d recommend you begin by contacting New-U and scheduling a consultation. This will allow us to sit down together, discuss your hair loss history, and help you identify some solutions that are a good fit. If you choose to go the route of hair toppers, we can show you some options here in our salon, helping you locate a high-quality product that fits just perfectly on your scalp. We can also assist you in styling your topper so that it gives you exactly the look you want.

At New-U, we’re never interested in pushing solutions you’re not interested in. While we are proud to offer both male hair transplants as well as full men’s hair systems, we understand that some men just want a hair piece that can be worn easily and comfortably. For those men, we are pleased to provide access to high-standard hair toppers, as well as any assistance you need in wearing your topper properly. In the end, we hope to help our clients look and feel their absolute best.

The experience of hair loss can leave you feeling discouraged, like there’s nothing you can do to recapture your old look. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are countless solutions to address thinning hair, providing you with an appearance you can really be proud of. Find out more by contacting us in Rochester, NY at your next convenience.